Rego Park

I went to the Dr in Bayside for 12 years where the did fraud Medicare and Medicaid and I couldn't see my psychiatrist which I was seeing that long due to this and his name was not on the list it was his brothers office and he have his own office in Westchester and he said I can't bill here anymore only at my office you would have to pay to see me here. They just messed everything up for everyone for being greedy for money and it's always the Drs that's from out of the country that do these things smh

They'll end up with a slap on the wrist. Even if they end up doing some jail time, it will be in a minimum security cushy Federal Penn.

If the store had armed security guards I doubt the robber would get away with it. Most armed personnel in NYC are former or off duty police officers. They don't take crap from punks like these.

I love this place.they make the best sandwich pastrami, cornbeef. I drove from Brooklyn to eat the sandwiches. I hope that some buys it.that person will take care of it and love has much as they do. .

What a psycho! Thank God they saw the liquid. Who would ever think of something like that? Must have learned it from the KGB.

I can't believe it how much has quickly changed since the Q52/Q53 SBS rolls around: More congestion, less local business, etc.

Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

Another major arterial street bites the dust to the claws of Select BS.

Loss of parking spaces, loss of revenue for small businesses, increased gridlock, more double parking, more safety problems: It's inevitable.

Teen missing in Rego Park

Pic and vid uploaded on twitter from Booth Street incident

Thank god for mobile technology, if they are be careful taking care of these devices.

In the 21st century where technology dominates our own lives, this is a classic example of Social Darwinism at its deadiest.

This is so sad, how awful. I saw a young girl trying to get on the tracks at Jackson Heights a couple of weeks ago, I went over to her and she told me she was trying to get her phone. I told her should can't go on the tracks and she should go to a station worker. She got up and walked away. The train station was packed! It was 8:20am mid week - one other girl was just standing beside her watching her - no one else seemed to even see her! People - say something, these kids panic when they lose their phones - they need someone with a clear head to stop them.

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