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You got it all wrong. John J. is the son of Peter Gotti. John Gotti's brother. Therefore the late Teflon Don is John J's uncle. Not grandfather.

Wait a minute, they want to press charge against the guy but they don't want to shut down backpage.com which promote prostitution

Yeah, think about the cars! #carlivesmatter!

Just want to add, this plan does not subject homeowners to encroachment of their privacy and safety.

That looks just about perfect. No need to go any further!

There will be plenty of winners and plenty of losers when after this year's mayoral election.

On loss of parking at the Crescent Apts, The Friends of QueensWay has gone on record to say the following: Responding to shareholder concerns, the QueensWay consultants did a careful assessment and concluded that a relatively narrow corridor for bikes and pedestrians could be developed without a loss of parking. The QueensWay Plan website states: “Currently, the Forest View Crescent apartments parking lot that is leased from the City runs across the future QueensWay area. The trail would run through a portion of this site with a reconfiguration of the parking lot area with a goal of no loss of parking spaces.” (this text can be located by going to http://thequeensway.org/map/ and clicking on the blue dot adjacent to the building.)

I think this is a tremendous idea and I hope our local political leaders will have the will and foresight to do something innovative in this community. Forest Park is not in a state of good repair and underutilized. Why should Brooklyn, Manhattan and LIC have the beautiful new parks with amazing amenities? Central Queens has loads of families who would benefit from this, as well as seniors who would have a peaceful, car-free, and safe walkway. And our mom and pop shops around Metropolitan might actually get some foot traffic for a change. The need for transportation is an important one but not sure the multi-billion dollar cost of reactivating this rail line, along with the eminent domain and construction issues that will arise, make this a feasible option.

Why doesn't anyone report on the fact that the stretch of land after Union Tpke leading to forest park is actually in fact NOT abandoned and a parking lot for 80+cars that are now going to have to PARK ON THE ALREADY CROWDED STREETS

It's a beautiful set of tracks and will make an amazing park. I recently completed a project to capture the abandoned tracks. Check it out here http://pictures.danishmujeeb.com/exploring-the-abandoned-lirr-train-tracks

Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee their correct. The reactivation of this Rail Line is MUST! Please we have enough Parks!

A good example of why people no longer trust the media. The so called "arsenal to fight off ninjas" consists of toy guns, a bb gun and a jamomatic Raven. #rifle style bb guns....really? That orange tipped flintlock imitation is a toy. How about providing news without the hype?

My neighbors and I will be present during next weeks meeting! There is no way that this shelter can come to ozone park. We have an extremely quiet neighborhood and the why would the city think about housing homeless here. I rarely if ever see any homeless people in ozone park so why are they trying to. Ring down our community. Some of my neighbors are so upset they are already considering leaving ozone park or selling there property. This is bad all around for our community our property value etc. ozone park is one of the only places in queens where things haven't changed much and we want to keep it a safe quiet place where families are protected. Please show our strength and unity by conning to the meeting next week and get your neighbors involved.

Select BS is going to create more gridlock for everyone including bus riders. Stealing traffic lanes, left turns, bus stops, speed limits, parking and putting bus riders on snowy medians is a recipe for disaster. It's time to get rid of Mayor Zero Vision and Select BS. Who ever our new Mayor is better reopen our roadways, railways, waterways and bring back our bus stops and speed limits. Queens needs faster and safer transportation not lies, gridlock and tickets. Say goodbye Mayor Chaos. Support the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 or www.qptc.org or PhilAMcManus@gmail.com

By right the community should be upset, but we should do our part to have supportive services for those in need in the neighborhood. NYC is slow to adopt supportive housing models, even CB9 isn't too much in favor of them. I've seen homeless individuals along Jamaica Ave near Lefferts and on Hillside Ave. The only place they can go to in our community is the public library which I know the staff and managers have a hard time dealing with on a daily basis. So please let's keep an open mind and help these individuals in the community.

Because the proposed location is VERY close to a High School, and the fact that the facility cannot ask or verify is sex offenders or pedophiles are attending the facility makes it very dangerous to the students of HSCTEA and other surrounding schools. Students take the bus and go to the stores like Dunkin Donuts and Subaway which is right across the street. Not a good idea!!

2017: The year that will be determine which project(s) will be the winner(s) and which one(s) will be the loser(s): Either the Queensrail, the Queensway, the SBS, or the NIMBYs?

Please join us sept. 13 at 7:45 at villa russo on leffart blvd and voice your concern over the proposal of this homeless shelter in our community.

Hell no Ozone park and its businesses and community will not allow this to happen. This organization is trying to ruin our area. No shelter no way and never Ozone park unite on this issue and let your voices be heard. Ozone park is one of the last good places to live in New York

Please sign the petition to keep this homeless shelter for them mentally ill and drug addict out of this ozone park neighborhood. Why would the city want to put these people two blocks from an elementary school. https://www.change.org/p/bill-de-blasio-stop-the-homeless-shelter-being-proposed-in-ozone-park?recruiter=229506176&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink&recuruit_context=copylink_long

If this guy turns out to be an illegal immigrant, how will the media cover it? Who is more valuable to democrats, illegal immigrants or muslims?

Terrible crime in beautiful ozone park I live there and always feel safe. Now this summer moe crimes are occurring really sad and concerning. Muslims are beautiful people and in ozone park we have every culture and religion. I hope this criminal is found and the brings ozone park closer together.

This is just one horrible violent act/killing out of several that has been happening frequently in SE Queens. Between all this violence/killing and the dumping of many homeless shelters all over Queens (many residents who have criminal records), where is our wonderful borough president Melinda Katz. Have not heard a peep out of this political hacks on both these issues.

During a lot of panic crashes, influenced or not by drugs or alcohol, right foot pedal error plays a major negative role. It is so wide spread that it is called the Right Foot Braking Epidemic. Despite this the guys in charge of driver legislation and training don’t want to have this method of braking scientifically examined and compared to the Left Foot Braking Method. The teaching of right foot braking on automatic cars for student drivers should be banned.

You've made some decent points there. I looked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website. Parker Waichman

This is very exciting great news for me and my neighbors. Ozone park is changing everyday a lot of the families and older people in the area have trouble with ew changes sometimes . Our neighborhood is very quiet safe and has a 1990's feeling to it. Which I happen to love. Real estate is going up all over ozone park as well and reading this news is very exciting. Now we just need construction to start on the Queensway and this neighborhood will be one in such demand. We welcome nice families and working people today oOen park. This is a beautiful neighborhood to live in many cultures religions and we all get along were all just neighbors!

There's an interesting follow on to the subject of predictive policing and crime analytics at https://fightfinancialcrimes.com/2016/07/13/police-data-beyond-black-and-white/

Where does it state he is from the 106?

No surprise that this thug police officer works for South Ozone Park's 106th precinct, one of the s**ttiest precincts in Southeast Queens and I am sure some of the folks there are paid off too look the other way with quality of life issues. Let's see if this slime-bag gets off. I am surprise the precinct did not state "no violations were observed" like they tend to do with several quality of life issues in that district. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

GET OVER IT. Time to move on to actual problems in the community. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Great for my generation with technology; even better for the homeless while thinking that these newer buses are like the second home to them.

Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your website is very helpful. Thanks for sharing! click here

Very suspicious that these charges were dropped. It doesn't take a psych major to figure out 'why'.

I created an account just to respond to joe negativity and obvious racism.I live in Ozone Park and I've lived on Upper east side and I love ozone park 11416 my neighbors are beautiful people, humble, helpful and original. I feel completely safe, i love that we have an old school feeling, the local businesses know me and it sunny without building obstructing your fresh air. My family have owned a house in 11416 since 1980 yes there was mostly italian folks then and we still have a great number of Italians still living here. What amazing is we have all cultures, religions and peaceful neighbors. I can walk around and say hello to everyone and there pleasant. I wouldn't think about moving to another ny neighborhodd. Im 25 minutes into manhattan for work and 20 minutes to the beach. Its perfect Joe if you live here and complain then your just being rude and you don't actually appreciate what we have in this neighborhood. Travel around Brooklyn and Manhattan for a few days and see how stressful it is. Overcrowded,overpriced and traffic etc. Long live Ozone Park to all my neighbors thank you!! see you guys around Peace and Love in 11416

It seems like you don't even have the balls to say it. @joe You talk a good one, why don't you inform us what's the problem with these neighborhoods?

At one time all of these Southeast Queens communities were very nice (a long time ago). So what is the common denominator with all of these communities. The demographics changed and the trash came pouring in. I mean, come on, lets all be honest for a change. We always knew why these neighborhoods went to crap, but nobody has the balls to say, especially the elected officials. Welcome to the new America, the Third World Ghetto Shit America and no where is this more prevalent than in Southeast Queens. There is a reason why a community is nice and the one is not. IT IS DEMOGRAPHICS and the “Element”. Plain and Simple. Do the math. If I offended anyone, well……………….F**K YOU. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Maybe some communities need to start addressing their own s**t and stop blaming everyone else for their problems. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

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