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Crowley: Republican Tax Bill Irresponsible

The Republican tax bill, which passed the house by a vote of 222-203, is wildly irresponsible and ignores the real needs of the people, according to Congressman Joseph Crowley, who cast one of the dissenting votes.
"The debate is all about jobs and job creation," Crowley said. "One side has a plan and the other side has failed ideas that have yet to help America create one new job. Since George Bush assumed the presidency, America has seen 2.7 million American jobs disappear."
Crowley says that Democrats have supported a plan that will create one million new jobs, while extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs due to economic policies under this administration.
In Crowleys district, he says the average worker has been hit hard. At the end of the Clinton administration, he cited that only 4.6% or 50,000 were unemployed in Queens. In February of this year, that number spiked to 7.7% or 85,000 Queens residents.
Even further upsetting Crowley is that the Democratic bill was never discussed in the House of Representatives. "I am deeply distressed that the Republicans did not even allow the Democratic Tax Alternative to be debated on the floor. This clearly displays the Republican Partys absolute lack of respect for the sorry predicament of the American people."
He continued, "I am outraged at the Republicans wildly irresponsible tax bill, which fails to stimulate the economy or create jobs, explodes the budget deficit and national debt, and robs Social Security and other key priorities of crucial funding."

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