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Teen Talk: Teens should not settle for Bell Blvd. barmates

By Kohar Bayizian

As we get older, we increasingly hear about the glories and pitfalls of dating, and we are now able to experience our own.

The dating scene in Queens is pretty interesting and exciting. I guess we can call most of these places “pick-up” spots.

The strip of bars, restaurants and lounges on Bell Boulevard is pretty infamous throughout Queens for hosting some wild nights. There are always cops there, pretty women walking around often scantily clad and guys hollering after them — so there has to be something fun going on over there.

And what is great about Bell Boulevard is that everything is in walking distance from one another, so if you don’t like one place you can just explore the streets a bit and are bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

But let’s be honest. The main reason single men and women go to the kinds of bars on Bell Boulevard is to meet a potential soul mate, playmate or whatever. Everyone is looking for something and these are places where people have a good chance of finding it.

I just think it is important that we do not get wrapped up in the dating scene. I know people who go out almost six nights a week and say they are just looking to have fun, but I know in the back of their heads that they are looking for more.

I love to go out, especially when I’m single. I can round up a few of my closest girlfriends and hit a hot club, stylish lounge or even a bar on Bell Boulevard and just have a great time whether or not we meet a guy.

I’m a soul believer in the idea of not finding what you’re looking for when you’re actually out looking for it. The best relationships I have had were when I was not expecting to meet anyone.

And in my experience, the guys I meet in these pick-up spots never seem to be what I’m looking for anyway. It could just be luck of the draw, but almost every guy I have ever met in this way has turned out to be a complete dud.

It could be my preferences and standards, but I have a feeling I am on to something.

Well, good luck in your conquests and endeavors in this dating scene. Just remember, like everything else, dating is going to have its ups and downs with feelings of uncertainty. One week you will be happy about your dating situation and the next you might not.

Keep in mind that everything can change in a matter of seconds. So as long as you have the right outlook and are not taking anything too seriously you will have a great time wherever you go and with whomever you meet, and on the way you will probably come up with your own dating stories.

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