Parents are confident in ride safety

Joseph Rooney had just finished spinning around in circles for about three minutes with his two grandchildren, Ryan and Jillian, as they finished a ride on the Sizzler at the St. Gregory the Great festival in Bellerose.
Rooney, 74, has lived in the area for many years and been coming to the festival for more than 20, said he was confident in the safety of the rides.
“I feel very safe; I don’t have any problems,” Rooney said. “I’ve never heard of any problems here,” he said.
The majority of parents at the festival echoed those statements saying they were confident in the safety of the rides, but that did not prevent most from watching their kids closely as they swirled around.
“We come here every year, and I think they do a good job,” said Joe Moriosa, whose two daughters hopped from ride to ride.
Although most parents expressed confidence in the safety of the rides as well as the operators who control them, others said they were still a little nervous.
“When you hear about other rides, sometimes your imagination takes over,” said Jerry Barnas, who has two children, ages 12 and 16.
Barnas has been coming to St. Gregory’s for the past three years, and said this festival runs better than others he has seen.
Marianne Quinn, who was watching her two sons ride Pharaoh’s Fury agreed.
“Nothing has ever happened here,” Quinn said. “We’ve had such a great track record.”
Quinn said that her children look forward to the festival every year, and her youngest son was even disappointed that it only lasts 10 days this year.

Amusement Park Safety Tips

  • Before getting on any ride, always take a moment to look it over. If something does not appear normal or if the ride looks unsafe in any way, DO NOT GET ON IT. Immediately notify the operator of the ride, or if necessary, the police.
  • Take notice of the condition of the ride operator. If the operator seems does not seem knowledgeable or he or she appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol, immediately alert the manager of the park, or if necessary, the police. DO NOT GET ON THE RIDE.
  • Before getting on a ride, carefully read the height, weight and medical restrictions. Anyone who does not meet the required specifications is not allowed on the ride. Read any instructions on what to do while the ride is in motion and follow the directions given by the operator.
  • After being fastened into the ride, check the restraints (seat belts, shoulder harnesses, etc.) by pushing and pulling on them to make sure they are adequately secured. If you are accompanying a child, check the condition of his/her restraints as well. If you notice any defect or the restraints do not seem properly secured, notify the operator before the ride begins.
  • An adult should always accompany young children. Never attempt to force a frightened child onto a ride. When watching a child on a ride, never attempt to lean over the railing or fence to touch him/her.
  • Keep your head, hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times.
  • Watch your step when entering or exiting a ride. Always walk slowly and be aware of any uneven ground or wire crossings when you step off the device.

    Source: The Department of Buildings

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