Check for your stimulus check

Calling all Astoria residents - get your free money as soon as possible!
Councilmember Peter F. Vallone Jr. wants to alert people in his district about nearly $1,000,000 in potential unclaimed stimulus payments, which are still available to people if they file soon.
The federal government, in conjunction with local officials, has started a campaign to reach thousands of recipients of Social Security Benefits, Veterans Benefits and Railroad Retirement Benefits - who do not normally file federal income tax returns - in order to claim their rebate checks.
“These are the people that could use the money most,” said Vallone. “The federal government has issued this package to help the economy and help our citizens, and now we must help them help themselves.”
This is almost like a first come first serve method, and they are on a strict deadline. The filing deadline to receive a check is October 15, 2008
Many residents in the Astoria area qualify for this stimulus check. The IRS has identified 4,581 remaining seniors, veteran beneficiaries and others in Astoria who may be eligible to receive stimulus payments, with potential payouts totaling $936,000.
The IRS has sent information packets to these individuals, and Vallone encourages anyone who may know others matching this description to inquire about the stimulus payment at his office.
Since issuing the stimulus package in March, the IRS has process over 76 million stimulus payments to taxpayers totaling $63.9 billion. However, as of June 19, 2008, $131.8 million in payments remains outstanding for those who have not yet filed in New York State.
In New York City and surrounding counties alone, there are over 200,000 people potentially eligible for a stimulus check but have not yet received one.
“There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but this is as close as you can come to free money,” said Vallone.