Declare Padavan the winner

A deep groundswell of discontent and disgust is rolling through our community because we in Queens Village and its environs are the pivots who are being inundated with queries as to why the Padavan−Gennaro contest is still going on.

In the many years that I have worked for the Elections Board, I have never encountered a confrontation like this. It was always the one who had the most votes who was declared the winner. Have the rules changed politically?

State Sen. Frank Padavan (R−Bellerose) has represented us for over three decades with integrity, intelligence and honesty. There was never a scandal surrounding him or the late speaker, Saul Weprin.

Unfortunately, this year, especially, we have a long list of politicos who have been embroiled in scandals and who have been tampering with the law. By keeping quiet and refusing to speak out, we are giving tacit support to this chicanery. It is time to appreciate honest people like Padavan and declare him the winner.

Helene Zaro

Queens Village

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