Remembering Mom – Esther Kasden


Esther Kasden, 95, passed away last week. Her son, Cliff, is a contributing reporter to The Courier. Following is a poem he wrote and read at her funeral.

Remembering Mom – Esther Kasden
By her son, Cliff Kasden

You only get one mother
That’s the way that things are done.
A bond that’s like no other
With a daughter and a son.

Your brothers, sister, cousins
In a tight-knit family.
Finkels by the dozens
Are the roots of a family tree.

Mama you were very smart
You skipped some grades at school.
Education was the place to start
To learn the golden rule.

With dad you shared so many years
Your lifelong friends could tell.
You’re no one’s fool, no thoughtless tears
So strong but kind as well.

Troubled nights? So many.
We were worried, we were sick
In the pushka went a penny
And that always did the trick.

A pushka coin’s a token
It’s a gift to G-d above
That loyal bond, unspoken
Means a vow of strength and love

For many years on Friday nights
I counted on those prayers
Mom you were a noble sight
To ease our doubts and fears.

Today that tin box weighs a ton
Those pennies sing their song.
For mama, grand, great-grandma
Tenacious, wise and strong

So, rest now, mom
You’ve earned it
There’s just one more thing to do
In that pushka up in heaven
Please, a penny in that one too!