Authors Speak About Madoff Book

Authors Gerald and Deborah Strober were at North Shore Towers on March 30 to discuss their book, “Catastrophe: The Story of Bernard L. Madoff, The Man Who Swindled the World.”

Deborah explained that she and her husband were at home on December 11, 2008 with the flu and were watching the news when the story broke of “the biggest Ponzi scheme ever.” She also said that they were intrigued as they watched Madoff’s perp walk.

“His demeanor startled and repelled us. We thought, from that very first moment that we observed him on television, this was a sociopath,” Deborah said. “We would come to realize that he was an economic terrorist, too.”

Gerald explained that the couple had already collaborated on eight books and that they decided they wanted to do one on the Madoff scheme. The Strobers did research and various interviews and were the first to publish a book on the Madoff scandal.

“As we started to talk to some of the victims, we began to realize the scope and the emotional toll that Bernard Madoff has taken on so many people,” Gerald said.

During their presentation at North Shore Towers, the authors read various excerpts from their book. Some of the topics covered were the reactions to Madoff being out on bail, first impressions of Madoff, a possible personality disorder, and the anti-Semitic fallout that has occurred.

On the day that Madoff entered his guilty plea, Gerald and Deborah Strober were at the courthouse, watching on a television screen in a room with other media. They were able to hear Madoff speak about what he did, and heard him say he was grateful for the opportunity to speak and that he regretted his crimes.

“It was a disgusting display,” Deborah said.

Following the presentation, the two answered questions from residents.

For more information on the Strobers’ book, visit www.madoffbreakingnews.com.

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