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Is it time yet?

That is what every investor must be thinking! How can they know when it’s time to start buying stocks again? Or, perhaps you’ve already purchased some stocks that appear to be bargains.

If you’ve been tracking the market, you know, that even days when there’s been a big run-up, there are many stocks that simultaneously drop in price. That’s why you should own a basket of stocks that induces a variety of risks. Yet, if you wait too long to decide, you may miss the biggest gains that often occur in the first week or so of a run-up.

By the way, our monthly club portfolio report reflects the current status on the dating of the meeting, which is always the second Tuesday of the month. It’s amazing, these days, how much the market status can change in just two weeks. It is not unusual for this change to be great then the annual change in the early 1900s.

In addition to the monthly meetings, which include a lecture on current market happenings, we also get together for a brunch twice a year at our local arcade restaurant.

If you are considering joining our group, you are invited to attend our May meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Coleridge Lounge in Building Three. If you are like many residents at North Shore Towers, you may be thinking of returning to the market, or could profit from a little guidance. Attendance may help with making this decision.


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