Ulrich funds P.S. 232 science lab

Councilmember Eric Ulrich attended a recent PTA meeting at P.S. 232 in Lindenwood, where he presented $500,000 in funding earmarked for a new science lab.

“It is very important our children have all the resources and tools they need to succeed,” said Ulrich. “Education is a great equalizer in our society, and this money will go a long way towards opening doors of opportunity for our young people.”

Joining Ulrich for the announcement were dozens of excited parents and children, along with school officials.

The $500,000 allocation for P.S. 232 represents the largest allocation this year to a school within the 32nd District.

Other local schools receiving funding from Ulrich this year are: John Adams High School ($300,000), M.S. 137 ($100,000), P.S./M.S. 47 ($35,000), M.S. 202 ($35,000), P.S. 63 ($30,000), P.S. 108 ($150,000), P.S. 60 ($35,000), M.S. 210 ($150,000), P.S. 146 ($35,000), and P.S. 317 ($100,000). – Tonia N. Cimino