J.h. School Aide Rescued Student

For her efforts to rescue a choking student, a school aide at I.S. 145 in Jackson Heights received a special citation from City Council Member Daniel Dromm (second from right) during a recent visit to the school. As noted, Maritza Agrelo (at far right) came to the assistance of Sally Olivo (pictured front and center), a special needs student, after the pupil began choking while eating lunch. After attempting the Heimlich manuever to no avail, Dromm noted, Agrelo reached into Olivo’s mouth wit her hand and removed the blockage. Dromm presented a certificate to Agrelo for demonstrating bravery and a commitment to the safety of the school’s students. Pictured with Dromm, Olivo and Agrelo are (from left to right) Dr. Dolores Beckham, I.S. 145 principal; seventh-grade student Ryan Kratina and Beatrice Johnson, assistant principal of the Science and Technology Academy at I.S. 145.