He Pays for Killing Good Samaritan

Victim Stopped Attack On Woman

A Far Rockaway man who previously pled guilty to manslaughter in the fatal July 2010 assault of a Good Samaritan who attempted to halt the attack on a transsexual woman has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars, it was announced.

Daryl Reid, 24, of Ocean Crest Boulevard in Far Rockaway entered a guilty plea on June 8 to first-degree manslaughter before Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard L. Buchter, who imposed last Friday, Aug. 3, the determinate sentence of 18 years in prison.

Two co-defendants who pleaded guilty to gang assault in the incident are presently awaiting sentencing, according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

“The victim in this case-a 49- year-old man-bravely attempted to stop an injustice and paid for it dearly,” Brown said in a statement. “The defendants have all admitted their culpability in the crime and will be serving lengthy prison sentences. The dispositions in this case are a measure of justice for the victim.”

In pleading guilty, Reid, along with co-defendants Terril Pinnock and Jahvaughn Garrison, admitted that on July 4, 2010, they assaulted an unidentified individual in the vicinity of New Haven Avenue and Beach 21st Street because she was a transsexual.

The victim suffered a slight cut to one of her fingers and was able to escape due to the intervention of Richard Salter, 49, who demanded that the defendants leave the victim alone.

Minutes later, after everyone left the scene, the three men again observed Salter-in the vicinity of a location on Beach 20th Street-and attacked him. Pinnock and Garrison admitted to punching and kicking Salter.

Reid admitted to pulling out a knife and stabbing him once in the thigh and once in the buttocks.

The thigh injury nicked Salter’s femoral artery and he bled to death on a nearby stoop after fleeing the attack.

Pinnock, 22, of Seagirt Boulevard, and Garrison, 23, of Beach 19th Street, both in Far Rockaway, pled guilty in June to first-degree gang assault before Justice Buchter, who indicated he would sentence each of them to a determinate term of 6 1/2 years in prison on Oct. 1.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Patrick L. O’Connor of the District Attorney’s Homicide Trials Bureau prosecuted the case under the supervision of Assistant District Attorneys Brad A. Leventhal, bureau chief, and Jack Warsawsky, deputy bureau chief, and the overall supervision of Executive Assistant District Attorney for Major Crimes Charles A. Testagrossa and Deputy Executive Assistant District Attorney for Major Crimes Daniel A. Saunders.