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Former firefighter Steve Buscemi lends support to Rockaway first responders

THE COURIER/Photo by Terence M. Cullen

He’s played a mass murderer, a homeless man and one of the most powerful mob bosses in the country. But possibly his most famous, and proudest role, was as a real-life FDNY firefighter.

Actor Steve Buscemi visited Breezy Point the day before Thanksgiving to show his support for the city’s largest firefighting community.

The “Boardwalk Empire” star has been working with a firefighter advocacy group to get the needs and resources to firefighters who, despite continuing to save lives, have lost their homes or all their personal belongings.

Breezy Point has long been known to be the largest community of firefighters in the city. While many of them were out battling blazes, or responding to calls, many of their homes were damaged from the storm.

“They go to work; they go to their firehouse, they do a 24 [hour shift], then they come right back out then they’re volunteering,” Buscemi said. “They’re getting burned out. They need as many resources as they can.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, while visiting first responders for Thanksgiving, also noted that the massive first responder community had continued to work through the devastating storm – while knowing their own homes were either under water or on fire.

It was notable and honorable, Cuomo said, “that people put their own well-being aside, literally, to help others. And that’s what the New York first responders are all about.”

Buscemi said that, although many will get a $30,000 grant from FEMA, many in the area did not have the proper insurance and Friends of Firefighters was leading an effort to give them any extra help.

“They need help and we have to keep shining a light on these areas,” he said. “Because they need as many resources and recovery as they can get.”


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