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The Afternoon Roundup
Graphic by Jay Lane

The Rolling Stones hit the Barclays Center

English beat combo The Rolling Stones made their highly-anticipated Brooklyn debut last night at the Barclays Center for the first of three NYC-area shows. And they gave the crowd their money’s worth with a 2 1/4 hour, 23-song set filled with ’60s classics (“Paint It Black,” “The Last Time”), ’70s warhorses (“Miss You,” “Brown Sugar”), a pair of new tunes (“Gloom And Doom,” “One More Shot”), and a healthy dose of Keith Richards (“Happy,” “Before They Make Me Run”). As always, Mick Jagger was the boundlessly energetic center of it all,sashaying across the stage “like a woman in high heels trying to walk in more than one direction at once.” Gothamist

Slay raps on Queens ‘pill mill’ doctor

A Queens doctor charged with supplying more than 2,500 OxyContin pills to the drug addict who killed four people in a Long Island pharmacy last year left behind a trail of bodies himself, prosecutors said yesterday. Stan Li, 58, caused the overdose deaths of two patients and “recklessly endangered” the lives of five other patients who died from his brisk prescription-pills-for-cash business, officials said. NYPost

Neighborhood groups win grant money to improve local landscapes

Every neighborhood has an eyesore. A park that could look better. A dark underpass. Hideous retail signage.?In a BID Challenge, the city has handed out $250,000 in grants to seven community-based “Business Improvement Districts” to spur creativity. It’s an effort by the Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to help the improvement districts, or BIDs, focus on a single important change. ?“No one knows these neighborhoods better, so you can be sure the money will be allocated to where it is most needed,” said Deputy Mayor Robert Steel. NYDailyNews

Brooklyn man survives jump in front of L train

A troubled Brooklyn man leaped into the path of an oncoming subway train and was struck Friday — but somehow managed to escape being killed. The 25-year-old apparently landed in the trough between the tracks, and the L train passed over him, police said. “He jumps in the front of the train, hits the front of the train, and hits the track bed,” said a police source. “He was actually on the platform talking to a stranger, then jumped.” NYDailyNews

Schumer, Menendez propose tax breaks for Sandy victims

Senator Charles Schumer is proposing federal tax breaks to help Hurricane Sandy victims. A bill co-sponsored with New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez would make all repair expenses tax deductible. The proposal also includes breaks to subsidize home and business repairs and help businesses keep workers on the payroll. People who provided free temporary housing for victims could also see a benefit, and people who had to withdraw from their retirement accounts to pay for storm costs could see penalties waived. NY1