Visit Ricky’s NYC, a pop-up at the Flea

Ricky’s NYC, the one-stop super store for everything Halloween and beauty for the past 24 years, is giving vendors at the LIC Flea & Food Bazaar a chance to shine while also showing visitors what they can find at its numerous sites.

Richard Parrott, president of Ricky’s and a Long Island City resident, has set up a pop-up shop at LIC Flea to promote the business, along with giving potential customers a taste of the many products for sale through coupons and samples

Ricky’s will be opening a temporary Halloween store in Long Island City located at 5-27 50th Avenue.

Parrott said he has also taken to the streets to look for talent in fashion, accessories and jewelry to feature at Ricky’s. He has worked with local vendors, like Deep Cuts, which sold custom tote bags at the market, by giving them some space in select stores.

“I’m looking for new talent and trying to find local New York artists,” said Parrott. “There is more talent out there on the streets, more than there ever has been.”

He hopes showcasing these local artists and talent will help them establish brands and promote their products.

At the LIC Flea, Ricky’s also showcases costumes and other items that are popular at the stores.

“We’re opening the dialogue between the consumer and Ricky’s,” said Parrott. “People just aren’t going into stores unless they know what they are looking for and if they don’t know what you have, we have to educate them.”

Parrott hopes to continue being a part of the LIC Flea, educating visitors about Ricky’s, finding new talent and giving back to his community.

“I made a commitment to Queens. I’m going to provide as much of my company support as I can,” said Parrott. “I think it’s a great thing for Queens, it’s a great thing for Long Island City.”