Rockaway Beach Rail Line gaining support

Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder

Commuting to Manhattan from South Queens can be a miserable experience, but growing support for additional transportation options may alleviate these headaches.

“In addition to improving the terrible service on the A train, the MTA must increase bus service and restore the Rockaway Beach Rail Line,” Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder said, at the oversight hearing of the MTA capital budget plan from 2015 to 2019. “In the immediate aftermath of Sandy, we experienced firsthand the detrimental impact that the lack of public transit has on our families — in order to plan for our future growth, we must invest in vital transit infrastructure now.”

The MTA included the restoration of the Rockaway Beach Rail Line as part of their 20-year capital budget plan, which they outlined at the meeting on Aug. 7. Rail line restoration would mean quicker commute time to Manhattan for residents as well as economic growth for the area — and even supply a one-seat ride from mid-town Manhattan to JFK airport, Goldfeder said.

Advocates for more efficient South Queens transportation also advised the MTA to fix some ongoing issues in the neighborhood, including the possibility of toll rebates for cars from Howard Beach and Ozone Park that traverse the Cross Bay Bridge to and from Rockaway, Goldfeder said.

“There is no debate, improving current subway lines, increasing service and investing in projects like the Rockaway Beach Rail Line will benefit every resident of New York City,” he added. “No more excuses, every family should get the transit resources they deserve. In today’s difficult economy, we need more affordable and reliable transportation that will allow our city to grow and prepare for the future.”