Astoria Cove project will create union jobs

I am a resident of Astoria Houses now for 17 years. Astoria Cove is extremely important to me because I have young siblings who are being raised in this neighborhood.

I have heard many positive ideas about the Astoria Cove development so far. One thing I am very excited about is the opportunity for this project to bring jobs into the neighborhood.

I am starting Queens College next semester, and I will be working my union job by night. My daily commute will be difficult, especially while I must juggle in order to get to class on time, and then get to my job at night by the start of my work shift in Manhattan.

The union jobs that will be brought into my neighborhood will be extremely beneficial to me. Walking to work would not only make my life a whole lot easier, but it would also better the lives of other residents around the community who also want to work on or as a result of the development.

The jobs will give an opportunity for residents to improve their lives. My neighbors who gain new employment opportunities will be trained to work in construction jobs and skills that translate to other careers.

Permanent jobs will also be available in security and building maintenance, something a lot of us are looking forward to. These opportunities are the boost that current residents need for strong careers.

Currently, Astoria Houses is in a secluded area and there aren’t many resources for people to benefit from. Residents of Astoria Houses currently need to take a bus, just to buy fresh produce. We are in desperate need of a nearby supermarket.

I believe this development is a great idea because it will allow new businesses we need to open up, making them more accessible to Astoria Houses residents.

I support the Astoria Cove development for the betterment of my generation and those who will follow in our community.

George Roman

Astoria Houses

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