City considers new pedestrian plaza in Flushing

THE COURIER/Photo by Eric Jankiewicz

In response to a Flushing group’s demand for more public space, the city is considering a pedestrian plaza for Leonard Square.

Between all of the construction and rush hour traffic, residents and local politicians say there are too few places for people to just stop and take a break.

“There’s no space for people to get together,” said Paul Yoo, president of the Korean American Association of Queens. “We need something big enough for the kids and adults.”

The Korean association applied to the Department of Transportation’s plaza program. The department will make a decision early next month, according to a spokesman. And if the Flushing square is chosen, city officials would work with local officials and the community to hold public workshops and develop a design.

“As Flushing becomes more and more developed, we need to make sure that we’re setting some space aside for the public good,” Yoo said.