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No Easy Remedy to Isis Horrors

Dear Editor:

The Times Newsweekly editorial of Nov. 20, 2014 succinctly described the horrors of ‘a force so dark’ that is ISISthe Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. We, the readers, were asked what we thought should be done.

We have seen the heartbreaking confirmation of this very bleak reality in the form of those martyred- beheaded- and of their last breaths before the savage act to come.

We wish we knew the answer. But as with most regions that have long-standing hostilities among its people, the conflict between the factions in Iraq is at the center. The previous prime minister did not create the expected representative government upon his election in 2006. And it is thought that the breeding ground for militant ISIS grew partly from this offense.

The Kurds in the eastern region of Iraq desire to ultimately live without conflict and in a democracy. It is thought by some that to support the Kurdish troops would weaken ISIS.

Can a representative government in Iraq of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds truly be achieved? Can our country assist with that again (as was supposed to happen after American troops left) in an advisory role?

What I know for sure is that as we reflect on heroes and what sacrifice means, we must never forget these humanitarians and journalists. Their lives have been about delivering food, medical supplies and hope to refugees. They have stood in harm’s way as aid workers to save lives. They have also stood in harm’s way as journalists to document the atrocities for the world. In harm’s way is where they kneeled knowing the barbaric act that was to come. We must never forget them.

Ann Michitsch


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