Using Your Noodle

Photos by Bradley Hawks


Don Korean has officially closed its doors to make way for Hinomaru Ko, the child of the delicious ramen den from Ditmars.  The 16-seat space is exponentially more intimate, but still turns out those savory bowls of ramen you have come to know and love at their other location.

The Grand Avenue spot will feature a selection of tonkatsu ramen dishes, which are made with a rich, decadent, pork bone-based broth—as well as a brighter, chicken-based ramen dishes alongside a carefully edited selection of tapas.

Chinese broccoli dipped in tempura batter and then deep-fried is always a terrific starter.  Pork gyoza are prepared in-house, and satisfy as some of the neighborhood’s most flavorsome dumplings.  Presently, nikuman buns are only stuffed with thick slabs of chashu pork—but they create one of the most exceptional $4 sliders in town.  And few places can even hold a candle to Hinomaru’s Age Takoyaki, which are fried spheres of dough filled with octopus, drizzled with okonomiyaki sauce and layered with bonito flakes.

Marinated fried chicken is available in snackable portions, and veggies are offered as seaweed salads, spring rolls or kimchi.

And handful of simple sushi offerings are available, as well as a platter of sashimi.  But with the winter chill slowly creeping in, we recommend the Hinomaru or the miso ramen.  Always remember that once you have slurped up that final noodle from your bowl of broth and personalized toppings—and who doesn’t adore a fish cake shaped like a monkey’s head—you can always holler, “kaedama!” for a replenishing of noodles.  And this spot is even offering delivery.  Now, that’s oishi!

42-06 30th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11103



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