New NYPD website gives residents an instant access to crime stats in their neighborhood

Photo via NYPD CompStat 2.0

Now you can easily view the crimes committed in your neighborhood thanks to a new handy NYPD website.

Precincts across Queens and New York City have recently introduced CompStat 2.0, a website dedicated to giving a comprehensive overview of major crime statistics throughout the city. It gives users an interactive experience in seeing where crimes have happened in their neighborhoods.

Captain Mark Wachter, commanding officer of the 104th Precinct, gave the community a firsthand look of this new technology during the session at I.S. 77 on Tuesday evening.

“Over the last two years under Police Commissioner Bratton, our technology in the police department has advanced 1,000 percent,” Wachter said. “So now, what I see on my computer screen, you will have available every Wednesday.”

The CompStat 2.0 website allows users to see crime stats for the entire city, or to select a specific precinct and get a detailed look at the major crimes for that precinct over a determined period of time that can be adjusted from a one-week period to a time frame of 10 years.

“You can look at crime in the last week, the last 28 days, the last year, you can go back 10 years,” Wachter explained. “Basically, [you can see] trends up and down … you can log on every Wednesday and you can see exactly where crime is in your community.”

The map shows the type of crime committed, when it took place and the location to the nearest intersection, indicated by a blue dot. The charts on the site can be changed to different styles, such as a bar graph, line graph, column graph or pie graph.

“[It’s] very easy to use,” Wachter said. “It is a very good tool. It’s good if you live in the community. It’s good for members of the media, too. You can figure out where crime is easily just by looking at it.”

Wachter commended another piece of technology that has recently been introduced to officers: the smartphone. With officers carrying smartphones, they can now be alerted to crimes immediately, as well as disseminating information to thousands of officers within seconds of that information being available.

“This phone, I’ve been doing this for 20 years and this is probably the best equipment I could ever carry,” Wachter said. “This gives us instantaneously 911 jobs [or] wanted posters.”

The 104th Precinct also awarded two officers with the Cop of the Month Award at the meeting.

P.O. Brenda Hyatt and P.O. Edwin Collado were selected for the award for their continued efforts in bringing down crime in the precinct over the last year as crime prevention officers by going out into the community and bringing public awareness on how to prevent crimes.

QNS/Photo by Anthony Giudice
QNS/Photo by Anthony Giudice

These officers were also involved with caring for Wilbur Hoffman, the Glendale resident who was unofficially adopted by the precinct after he was the victim of multiple robberies in his home.

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