Graduating class at Ridgewood middle school leaves time capsule for future students

Time capsule web
QNS/Photos by Anthony Giudice

As the clock ticked closer to the final dismissal bell of the year, the 2016 graduating class at I.S. 93 in Ridgewood left a part of themselves at the school for future generations.

Michael Cognato, the class of 2016 senior activities coordinator, came up with the idea for this year’s graduating class to leave behind a time capsule filled with the students’ and faculty’s memories and notes to future students and staff at the school.

“It’s the 100th anniversary of the building so we wanted to do this as an ode to I.S. 93 being an institute of Ridgewood and honoring that anniversary,” Cognato said.

Some of the things placed in the time capsule, which will be dug up and reopened in 50 years, include math, science and social studies textbooks to show the graduating class of 2066 what the students of today were learning, letters from students to their future selves, a copy of the Ridgewood Times and other local newspapers, a 2016 yearbook, a class shirt, a graduation cap and more.

State Senator Joseph Addabbo was on hand to place some historic items into the time capsule as well. Addabbo put in a bound book of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address, as well as the pen Cuomo used to sign this year’s budget.

“I felt that it’s a great memento of our times, and they can say this is what was important to us when they compare it 50 years from now to the issues of the state at that time,” Addabbo said of the importance of the State of the State address and the pen. “It’s a moment in time where we do a $146 billion budget, and maybe 50 years from now those numbers will change.”

Faculty, staff and the eighth-grade students at I.S. 93 helped throw the dirt on top of the time capsule, sealing it underground for a half century.

“The time capsule ceremony adds great value to the experiences that our graduates have had here at I.S. 93,” said Edward Santos, principal at I.S. 93. “It validates their hard work, effort and participation in their education and adds a special incentive to preserve their fondest memories to share with posterity. It was wonderful to have so many students and staff on hand to literally pitch dirt into the time capsule site. This will be an unforgettable experience for each of them, and is unique to any other class in history.”

Be sure to check back in 50 years to see what the class of 2066 at I.S. 93 has to say about the items in the time capsule.