Farmingdale honor students Joe Clabby

Farmingdale honor students Joe Clabby
Farmingdale Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee Joe Clabby with Dr, Jeanne Radigan, Associate Professor at the Avitaion Center.

Farmingdale State College held its Sixth Annual Aviation Hall of Fame Induction and Student Awards Ceremony at the Aviation Light Center, nearby to Republic Airport. Joseph Clabby, Associate Professor at Farmingdale, CEO of Corporate Loss Prevention Associates, and President of the JFK Chamber of Commerce was honored as the 2018 inductee into the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Dr. Jeanne Radigan, Aviation Associate Professor introduced Clabby and shared highlights of his life which include a dedication to teaching security curriculum at the college; staunch support for social responsibility and successful security business at JFK Airport which helps to provide safe travel for the flying public. She said that the students love coming to his class, and she appreciates his “igniting spark in our students.”

Clabby was clearly touched by his selection to the Hall of Fame and thanked the administration, students, Veterans law enforcement and guests for their reception. He spoke to the students and recommended following the “Three-EEEs”; Education, Experience and Enforcement. ‘ All these things working together will help insure your personal development and success” he said.

Aviation Center Director, Sr. Mike Canders presided over the student awards. He spoke about the Aviation students and congratulated the awardees for their “integrity, safety and Excellence in performance. These are all qualities that need to be part of the educational process and getting the students “ready to fly”. He was poetic in describing the “unrestrained euphoria” that one feels when breaking free of Earth’s gravity and gong solo in the air. Nods of agreement could be seen on the faces of many in the audience agreeing with Cander’s words.

Student Awards were given to Aubye El-Shafel, Marouane Guidi, Andrew Kennedy, Genhjao Liu, Yash Patel, Connor Tarqui8ni, William Walsh and Abraham Im for their outstanding academics, excellence in their aviation expertise and passion for flying.

The Aviation Hall of Fame was established in 2012 to honor members of the college community for outstanding achievement in aviation or service, dedication and commitment to the College’s Aviation program or the local aviation industry.

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