Bayside man pinched for stealing gun and cash during series of Douglaston vehicle break-ins

Officers from the 111th Precinct collared a Bayside man accused of breaking into vehicles parked on this residential Douglaston street on July 31.
Photo via Google Maps

Cops nabbed a Bayside man on Tuesday who allegedly broke into several vehicles parked on a Douglaston street.

Tommy Hernandez, 21, of Bayside was picked up at about 10:30 a.m. on July 31 for the series of thefts that occurred on Knollwood Avenue that morning, according to the 111th Precinct.

Officers from the precinct responded to the area after receiving a 911 call from an eyewitness to one of the break-ins. Additional units, including the NYPD Aviation and K-9 Units participated in a land-and-air search for the suspect.

A short time after initiating the search, law enforcement sources said, officers located Hernandez in the area, who matched the description of the suspected thief.

Police said they found in Hernandez’s possession a number of items stolen during the reported vehicle break-ins, including a licensed firearm and cash.

Hernandez was booked on nine counts including petit larceny, unauthorized use of a vehicle and criminal possession of stolen property.

Law enforcement sources said Hernandez has a prior criminal history; in June, he was arrested on petit larceny charges for thefts that occurred in March, according to criminal records.