‘Customs Employee Day’ a hit with officers

‘Customs Employee Day’ a hit with officers
The CBP Employee Appreciation Day was attended by organizational heads Phil Madellena, Alan Wolfe, Lucky Sighn, Frank Russo, and Pete Salamone.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

The JFK U.S. Customs and Border protection Employee Appreciation day was held at the ball fiend at JFK Airport on a beautiful September day.

The event was sponsored by the JFK Health and Welfare Fund ( Club Fed), the JFK CBP Management Team, NTEU Chapter 153, JFK FOP Lodge #44 and the Columbia Association of US Customs and affiliated agencies.

Top brass such as Frank Russo and Sal Ingrassa participated in the event showing off their baseball aptitude. Russo also volunteered to be the person who was dunked in water cage. It was fun to see the excitement on the part of the officers who paid a few dollars for a chance to dunk the boss. Russo challenged several players who missed the shot. But ultimately he was dunked to the roar of laughter from the gathered crowd,

Several female officers brought their children for face painting, playing in the inflated castle and licking a cone from the ice cream truck.

There was lots of grade A food grilled by seasoned cooks. Throughout the day changing shifts of the CBP came by to share a soda and some food.

The relaxing atmosphere and camaraderie was apparent as smoke from good cigars mixed with smells from a whole cooked succulent pig. While all picked at the meat, no one wanted to ear the pig head. So there were lots of jabs and laughs over who would eventually eat it. Last seen it was on a plate staring at the hungry officers.

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