Forest Hills Gardens Corporation to open Station Square to traffic temporarily

Photo courtesy of Susanna Hof

After taking some time to collect feedback following its annual community meeting, the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation (FHGC) announced that it will open Station Square to vehicular traffic around the end of June while it conducts a traffic study on traffic patterns through the intersection.

“The Board appreciates that residents are looking for quick action on this question. However, the Board believes that it is best to make a fully informed decision which will require additional time,” wrote a FHGC spokesperson in a statement.

The issue of opening the square to vehicular traffic pits commuters against pedestrians and architectural enthusiast. Those in favor of closing the square to traffic want to accentuate of the architectural design of the square and make it safer for pedestrians, many of whom are seniors. On the other hand, many residents argue that the increase in traffic along the adjacent streets needs relief.

The Board said that it will be working with an independent traffic consultant. In September, the Board is planning a second study will be held to compare the results of the two studies, according to Susan Hoff, of Sotheby’s Realty in Station Square.

It will ultimately take this information along with a survey from the residents to make its final decision.