MTA to install over 100 security cameras in Forest Hills and Rego Park subway stations

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

The MTA announced a plan last week to install around 138 new security cameras between four subway stations in Forest Hills and Rego Park to help the NYPD monitor and deter crime in the area.

The plan was sparked by an incident last March when a 21-year-old man was shot in the leg in the 75th Avenue subway platform. According to amNew York Metro, officers looked through security footage from nearby businesses for possible surveillance images of the suspects following the incident, but it didn’t immediately lead to the identification of the suspects.

After Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi offered up $250,000 in funding toward the project, the MTA was able to work with the 112th Precinct and the 112th Community Council to execute the additional security measures.

“I am thrilled that Assemblyman Hevesi was able to secure the funding and achieve this result of permanently improving our community’s safety by the installation of these cameras,” said 112th Precinct Community Council President Heidi Harrison Chain.

In the wake of the shooting, Chain snapped into action, though she said that the her experience monitoring crime with the precinct council had put the idea on her radar for a while. As has been documented across the five boroughs over the past year, Chain said that she has noticed a correspondent rise in subway crimes in her precinct.

“This is really a permanent improvement for our safety because once they have it there hopefully it will be a deterrent,” Chain said.

While the plans for the installation have yet to be finalized, the proposal is to install approximately 37 cameras at the 75th Avenue station, approximately 37 cameras at Forest Hills/71st Avenue station, approximately 21 cameras at 67th Avenue, and 63rd Drive/Rego Park station. 

“Heidi cannot be thanked enough for her contributions to our communities, which are most recently on display through her role in securing these cameras. I also want to thank our former Commanding Officer Jonathan Cermeli and Captain Mullaney for their efforts, and every member of 112th Precinct for ensuring that our neighborhoods remain among the safest in the city,” Hevesi said.