Police arrest woman who allegedly threw bottle, shouted racial slurs at Black jogger in Woodside

Screenshot via video courtesy of the NYPD

A Woodside woman was arrested on Monday, Sept. 21, after she threw a bottle and shouted racial slurs at a Black woman jogging in the neighborhood in August.

Lorena Delaguna, 53, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted assault in a hate crime and aggravated harassment in a hate crime, according to the NYPD.

Authorities say that at noon on Aug. 17, a 37-year-old woman was jogging at the northeast corner of 53rd Place and Broadway when Delaguna approached the corner. Delaguna, who was drinking from a glass bottle, hurled the bottle at the victim as she ran by.

Delaguna reportedly yelled, “Get out of here, n—-r!” at the jogging woman.

The victim was not injured and continued to jog away as the suspect continued to yell at her.

The investigation is ongoing.