Bay Terrace community celebrates resident’s 100th birthday

Ann Nasi 100th
Assemblyman Edward C. Braunstein, Senator John Liu and neighbors gather in Bay Terrace to celebrate resident Ann Nasi’s 100th birthday and present her with a New York State Proclamation. Photo courtesy of Braunstein’s office; April 18, 2021

On Sunday, the Bay Terrace community helped ring in a local woman’s 100th birthday.

Neighbors joined state Senator John Liu and Assemblyman Edward Braunstein to honor longtime resident Ann Nasi’s milestone birthday, complete with festive signs and a framed New York state proclamation.

Nasi’s neighbor, fellow Bay Terrace resident Phil Konigsberg, helped organize the centenarian’s birthday celebration.

“It’s an honor to celebrate the milestone 100th birthday of Ann Nasi, who has brightened the lives of so many with her warmth, wisdom and generosity,” said Braunstein. “The Bay Terrace community is fortunate to have a friend in Ann and I wish her continued health and prosperity.”

Ann Nasi with Senator John Liu and Assemblyman Edward Braunstein

Nasi was born on April 21, 1921, and has lived in Bay Terrace for the past three decades. She worked as a dressmaker for 45 years prior to living in the northeast Queens neighborhood and she has been known to help neighbors mend their clothing. Nasi’s hobbies include cooking, sewing, working with stained glass, needlepointing and woodworking.

“It’s truly a perk of office to celebrate Ann Nasi’s birthday with friends and family,” said Senator John Liu. “Ann has seen with her own eyes the course of human trial and progress over the past century, and her life experiences are profound and invaluable. Her observations that past pandemics and economic recessions were never as bad as today’s times were poignant and insightful. We’re blessed to have in our community a centenarian so vivacious and warm-hearted as we do in Ann Nasi.”