Pair of City Council candidates receive endorsement from NYC Police Benevolent Association

Dao Yin, Neng Wang receive PBA endorsement
City Council candidates Dao Yin and Neng Wang with their supporters and NYC PBA reps. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

Surrounded by their supporters on the steps of the Flushing Post Office on Main Street, City Council candidates Dao Yin and Neng Wang received the endorsement of the NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) on April 21.

Dao Yin and Neng Wang — both are running for the seat in the 20th District in the June 22 primary election replacing term-limited Councilman Peter Koo — are the only City Council candidates to receive an endorsement from the NYC PBA.

The NYC PBA’s First Vice President John Puglisi explained the organization endorsed Yin and Wang because they are the only candidates who put the safety of their neighborhood and community first and who have shown their commitment to working with the NYPD instead of defunding the department.

First Vice President of the NYC PBA John Puglisi endorses Dao Yin and Neng Wang for City Council. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

Referring to the increase in bias attacks against the Asian American community and the rise in crime in the district, Puglisi said that everyone who cares about safe streets needs to be working together and that the city needed leaders who work with the NYPD instead of defunding it.

“Whether we have a shield in our pocket or run for office, we need to work together. We need the help of the City Council. We cannot have city leaders talking about defunding the police. That does not work. That does not keep the citizens of this neighborhood safe. We need City Council members who understand that and who are willing to work together with the police in order to protect the citizens of this neighborhood,” Puglisi said.

Yin and Wang conveyed their gratitude to the NYC PBA for the endorsement.

Wang, who worked for the Chinese-American Planning Council for 33 years — 30 of those as director of the Nan Shan senior center of the CPC — said that he was honored to receive the PBA endorsement. He expressed his concern about the rise in anti-Asian American hate crimes, especially against seniors.

City Council candidate Neng Wang delivers remarks after receiving the NYC PBA endorsement. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

“If elected to the City Council, I will make public safety my priority, which includes restoring the NYPD budget, which is a necessary resource to maintain public safety within Flushing and across New York City,” Neng Wang promised.

Dao Yin, who ran for Queens borough president in 2020, proclaimed his support for the NYPD. He commended New York City’s police force for keeping the rallies he attended as a community activist safe and peaceful.

City Council candidate Dao Yin delivers remarks after receiving the NYC PBA endorsement. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

“More than ever, we need to support the NYPD. I believe Mr. Neng Wang and I can create a better relationship between the police and the community. We are building Flushing a better place for living, for work, for the people’s quality of life,” Dao Yin said.

Dao Yin’s as well Neng Weng’s supporters shared how important it was to have candidates in the race for City Council who promised to work with the NYPD should one of them get elected.

Adam Kim, president of the Asian American Council and adviser to war veterans, spoke on behalf of Dao Yin.

Adam Kim, president of the Asian American Council, announces his support for Dao Yin. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

Kim, who worked as an auxiliary officer for 10 years, demanded more funding for the NYPD because the cuts made it more difficult for police officers to protect New York City residents.

“We’re already short on police officers protecting our community. Yet, they cut the budget,” Kim said. Referring to the mayor, he wondered, “I don’t know what is going on in his head.”

Jeffrey Chen, Wang’s educational senior consultant and former dean of Queens Community College, shared that Wang looked after the elderly and helped them with translations when they had to file police reports.

Jeffrey Chen announces his support for Neng Wang. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann)

“He would do this out of his good heart, outside of his work, and in his free time, and I know he’s doing this because he really cares deeply about this community. So that is why I’m proud to stand here today for Neng Wang because I know he’s committed to restoring the NYPD and restoring public safety to this great community of Flushing,” Chen said.

When asked why candidates who are running for the same Council seat held a joint rally, they explained that they were community-minded candidates who had the same goal in mind, public safety and helping small businesses recover from COVID-19.

Dao Yin said that because of ranked-choice voting, one of them stood a good chance of winning the race.

“We have the same agenda. I’m glad we’ve ranked-choice voting, and the voters’ ballots will not be wasted,” Dao Yin said.