Corona councilman announces historic investment in sanitation services across district

CM Moya and Commissioner Grayson with members of the community
City Councilman Francisco Moya and DSNY Commissioner Edward Grayson outline new measures to tackle the trash issues across Corona. (Photo courtesy of Moya’s office)

As part of his continued efforts to improve quality of life and combat the garbage issues that have tormented the neighborhoods hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, City Councilman Francisco Moya announced he allocated $472,000 to the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Joined by DSNY Commissioner Edward Grayson at his district office, Moya highlighted the increase in the number of service hours across Corona, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and LeFrak City, for litter basket service and Manual Litter Patrol service to tackle illegal drop-offs, litter and illegal dumping in the community.

“We’ve had enough of the garbage issues plaguing our neighborhoods. This has to change but we all have to do our part, as a city, as a community, and as individuals to beautify and be proud of the neighborhoods we live and work [in],” Moya said. “The $472,000 are some of the most significant funds secured for our neighborhoods, the most in Queens and among the highest across NYC.”

City Councilman Francisco Moya. (Photo courtesy of Moya’s office)

Moya outlined two key investments: A dedicated haulster to service narrower streets and areas, and for use before and after snowstorms, as well as at least 10 enforcement cameras that will be placed around the district to put a stop to the “abominable amount of illegal dumping” that takes place in the neighborhoods.

“My hope is that the investment in the enforcement cameras will be a game-changer and bring accountability to those trashing our streets,” Moya said. “Thank you to Commissioner Grayson and the entire DSNY team, New York’s strongest Local 831 Teamsters, and the neighbors and community groups for partnering with my office to tackle these issues. The work towards having neighborhoods, streets, and parks we can be proud of is a collective effort.”

The $472,000 allocation is part of the more than $800,000 Moya secured for added services, community cleanups, graffiti removals, and the beautification of his district’s neighborhoods.

“Every New Yorker deserves a clean street, and DSNY is proud of our work ensuring that they have one,” Grayson said. “I want to thank Councilmember Moya for his commitment to funding additional cleaning services, enforcement cameras and a new haulster, as well as his advocacy on behalf of Sanitation Workers and his partnership in keeping litter off the streets of Sanitation District Q3, where I began my career as a Sanitation Worker, and Q4. We remind all residents to use litter baskets properly, and to report illegal dumping or basket misuse to 311.”