NYC grocery delivery company expands to Astoria, promising delivery in 20 minutes or less

delivery service
1520, a grocery delivery service, expands its reach to Astoria. (Photo courtesy of Kate Kaminsky)

The New York City grocery delivery service 1520, which promises deliveries in 20 minutes or less, announced it has expanded its reach to Astoria. 

In addition to Astoria, 1520 delivers groceries to Queens residents in Long Island City, Sunnyside, Steinway and parts of Woodside.

The company was founded in January of 2021 on the Upper East Side. Oleg Shevlyagin, the founder of 1520, said he and his team started their own company after they worked on expanding instant delivery services in Europe. 

“We decided to leverage our experience to create 1520 together,” Shevlyagin said. “Because New York is one of the most populated cities in the world, and people tend to be too busy to grocery shop, it made sense to begin our launch here to meet the needs of the sophisticated NYC consumer.”

1520 guarantees delivery in 20 minutes or less for free or your money back. The company is able to complete deliveries so quickly by having non-commercial stores around the city where they hold all the products they offer. Their team is able to hand-pick items and deliver them to the customers via bike. 

“In comparison, other grocery delivery services typically have someone ‘shop’ your order in an existing supermarket, which takes longer,” Shevlyagin said.

The company’s average delivery time is 11 minutes. 1520 have also just launched a new ready-to-eat category offering artisan wraps, sandwiches, soups and more.

Shevlyagin wanted to expand into Astoria because of its fast-growing, well-populated area. 

“We continue to grow rapidly and are looking to further expand the areas where our service is available,” Shevlyagin said. “We are excited to expand our services to additional parts of NYC, as well as other cities across the U.S.”