More than 50 new Citi Bike locations coming to Ridgewood area before summer: DOT

Citi Bike
Photo courtesy of Citi Bike

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is planning to install 52 Citi Bike stations in Community Board 5  just before summer. 

There are currently four existing Citi Bike stations in all of Community Board 5. The DOT released an early draft in February, that maps out all the stations, where they’re located and whether they will be on the street or sidewalk. 

The expansion does not include in Maspeth or Middle Village at this time; however, DOT is still adjusting the plan as they hear from the community. DOT is gathering feedback with a comment period extended through April. 

“Citi Bike has proven to be a vital, wildly popular transportation option — especially during the pandemic when ridership soared,” DOT spokesperson Vincent Barone said. “We’re excited to bring this service to more New Yorkers and are always open to their feedback.”

The 52 stations would be located every few blocks, approximately three to five minutes’ walking distance between each. DOT plans to install 35 street stations, which some are worried will take away from parking spots in the community. 

During a Community Board 5 meeting, concerned resident Richard Huber said that he hopes DOT revises their plan and puts stations primarily on sidewalks.

“We’re going to lose a bunch [of spots],” Huber said. “All of those people that are living there, that drive around all night looking for a parking spot are going to drive a little further and burn some more fuel with this proposal.”

DOT did not address how many spots were going to be lost.

Councilman Robert Holden reached out to DOT with the same concerns, saying that the installation of Citi Bike in the Ridgewood area will have a huge impact on the neighborhood’s quality of life. 

“A lot of [the stations] unnecessarily take away parking,” Holden said. “In an area that has poor public transportation, for the DOT to just randomly and unnecessarily take up parking with these bike stations, is irresponsible and wasteful.”

Holden said that he will be working with DOT to pitch new bike stand locations, which would primarily be on sidewalks to preserve parking. 

Citi Bike was launched in 2013, and now has nearly 20,000 bikes available across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. DOT is currently expanding Citi Bikes, adding over 35 square miles of stations and 24,000 bikes by 2024.