Bayside children’s hospital awarded $10,000 grant

Bayside hospital
(Photo taken from St. Mary’s website)

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, located in Bayside, announced today it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from The Provident Bank Foundation

The grant will be used to support the hospital’s Wheelchair Clinic program, which began in July. The program aims to support kids who use wheelchairs and other seating devices. 

In the Bayside program, a wheelchair clinician from St. Mary’s will meet with the child and conduct an evaluation of the child’s current seating circumstances. Next, the clinician will then arrange for the necessary seating modifications to maximize the child’s comfort and prevent poor health outcomes that can result from improper seating. 

“St. Mary’s is excited and grateful to partner with The Provident Bank Foundation on this important new program,” said Dan Devine, St. Mary’s director of Institutional Gifts. “At St. Mary’s, we’re always exploring new ways to bring our facility’s programs and services into the community. With this grant from The Provident Bank Foundation, our wheelchair clinicians will be able to change the lives of kids in communities such as Bayside, Astoria, and many more.”

Provident Bank Foundation’s Executive Director Samantha Plotino said the organization is “pleased to help further valuable initiatives put forth by local organizations who are working every day to strengthen the lives of residents in our communities.”

“We will continue to provide support to these important organizations that have identified an immediate need in the community and for the individuals they serve,” she added.

For more information, visit stmaryskids.org