New Air Travel Customer Experiences at JFKIAT T4 JFK Airport

JFKIATDelta expansion
Photos by Jeff Yapalater

As flying volume almost returns to pre-pandemic levels, JFKIAT and Delta have been busy meeting demand with enhancements and expansion of facilities.

It is easier to Fly & Arrive at JFK Terminal 4. New gleaming, spacious Concourse A gates concessions and comfort for Delta which will offer most regional flights in the main Delta JFK hub as the old Terminal 2 closes forever this weekend, January 14.

Expanded outer roadway frontage of T4 allows for more cars and faster arrival transportation from the terminal with on-demand car services.

These are both customer experience improvements through the partnership between JFKIAT & Delta Air Lines at JFK Airport. Stay tuned for more enhancements during 2023 for this terminal as well as beginning of major expansion for T1 and T6.