Driver carjacked at gunpoint in Maspeth Thursday morning: NYPD

Photo via Getty Images

A motorist was carjacked at gunpoint in Maspeth early Thursday morning, Feb. 2, and police from the 104th Precinct in Ridgewood are looking for four perpetrators.

The driver was stopped on 56th Drive between 59th Place and 60th Street just before 4 a.m. when the four men approached the Toyota Camry. One of the men pulled out a handgun and ordered the driver to leave the vehicle, according to an NYPD spokesman. One of the suspects then jumped into the Camry and drove off. The stolen vehicle has a Maryland license plate reading 3CEV44. The other three perpetrators dove off on 56th Drive in a Nissan Rogue SUV.

The spokesman said the driver was unharmed, and there have been no arrests, adding that the investigation is ongoing.