DOT commits to resurface ‘bumpy’ roads in Maspeth

The corner of Myrtle Avenue and 60th Lane in Ridgewood today, near where the Our Darling Match Factory once stood. (Photo via Google Maps)

After receiving a request made by Queen Community Board 5 (CB 5), the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) committed to resurfacing several “bumpy” roads in Maspeth.

According to CB 5 District Manager Gary Giordano, Fresh Pond Road between Metropolitan Avenue and Flushing Avenue going north, Fresh Pond Road between 59th Drive and Metropolitan Avenue, and Myrtle Avenue between Fresh Pond Road and Cooper Avenue are in poor condition.

“It is really bumpy,” Giordano said. “It can create dangerous conditions and when a roadway is in poor condition, it can damage people’s vehicles.”

According to Giordano, many roads don’t get re-surfaced until warmer months due to the weather.

Giordano told QNS that CB 5 received a commitment from the DOT to resurface the roads on Myrtle Avenue between Fresh Pond Road and Cooper Avenue. According to Giordano, the work will not begin until after National Grid completes another project in the area.

A DOT spokesperson told QNS that the location would be added to their night schedule sometime during the summer but could not offer an official timeline.

Councilman Robert Holden says that it is essential to have our roads in good condition for drivers.

“I am committed to ensuring that our roads are safe and in good condition for all who use them. This is why, every budget cycle, I prioritize funding for resurfacing projects throughout the district. I will also continue to put pressure on the DOT to maintain our roads better so that we can ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.”