Busted water main at Baybridge Condos fixed after some residents went nine days without clean water

Photo by Ethan Marshall

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on April 14 sent workers to Baybridge Condos to turn off the water there so that the Baybridge Condos plumbers could complete repair work on a water main that forced some local residents to go approximately nine days without clean water running in their homes. Additionally, the broken water main had resulted in the flooding of areas within the community.

As the plumbers worked to repair the water main that supplies the whole complex, the water in the community had to be shut off by DEP for a period of around four hours. As the water was turned back on later that day, management for Baybridge Condos sent a message to its residents recommending they first run the bathtub faucets first and wait for the water to run clear before using other faucets.

Water being let out from a fire hydrant at Baybridge Condos Friday (Photo by Ethan Marshall)

According to a spokesperson for DEP, following the water leak discovery on a private pipe owned by the condo association, crews from the organization were sent over to shut the water down so that the condo’s plumber could begin making temporary repairs to the pipe. DEP did this to help ensure that the plumbers could fix the problem as soon as possible.

Water being let out from a fire hydrant at Baybridge Condos Friday (photo by Ethan Marshall)

While clean water has since returned to the community, the plumbers are still working on repairing the broken pipe, as well as its connections. According to Baybridge Condos Management, this process is expected to take another week. It was also made known that at some point this week, DEP may be called upon to shut the water off again. It hasn’t yet been determined if and when this would occur.

“Management has stressed the importance of notifying our community in a timely manner so that we can prepare for any additional water shut down,” Baybridge Condos Management said in a statement. “Very sorry for this inconvenience.”

A spokesperson from Assemblyman Edward Braunstein told QNS the office was first made aware of the water leak problem on April 13 after receiving a call from management at Baybridge Condos. This led to the spokesperson reaching out to DEP to check in on how they could assist in handling the issue. By the afternoon of April 14, water had been restored to the community.