Liberty Park Homeowners launch petition against the MTA B13 proposal

(Photo by MTA)

Liberty Park Home Owners Association (LPHOA) launched a petition in opposition of the MTA’s Brooklyn Bus Redesign proposal which would potentially change the B13 route to Wyckoff Heights Hospital.

The petition states that the altered B13 route could negatively affect the elderly living in the area.

“The commuters include workers and students traveling the J, L, and M trains trying to get to Manhattan and Brooklyn. The most disadvantaged would be the disabled and elderly trying to walk long distances,” the petition reads.

Christina Sovereign, president of the Liberty Park Homeowner Association, stated that Glendale residents rely on the B13 due to the lack of other methods of transport.

“People rely on the bus service. I think the solution of rerouting the B13 is not going to be the answer; they’re going to have to come up with a different plan,” Sovereign said.

The MTA launched its Brooklyn Bus redesign draft in December 2022. The proposal would reroute the B13 on its current route, which passes through Cypress Hills and Cooper Avenue, and instead would go to the Ridgewood Reservoir.

The group hopes to get as many signatures as possible from commuters who take the B13 regularly.

“We’re definitely going to try to get everyone who rides the bus even if we have to stand at the bus stop,” Sovereign said.

Residents looking to apply can do so by stopping by Teedees Tavern, located at 6431 Cooper Ave. in Glendale.