Queens’ 104th Precinct cautions pedestrians during virtual traffic safety meeting

Photo via Getty Images

The NYPD’s 104th Precinct noted a 21% decrease in motor vehicle accidents for the Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, and Ridgewood neighborhoods, when compared to the same time last year, at a virtual public traffic safety meeting on Wednesday, May 24.

Captain Juan Moran, executive officer of the 104th Precinct, led the virtual Zoom meeting and shared key statistics on traffic safety in the area, including a spike in pedestrian-related incidents.

Moran also noted a spike in collisions involving motorcycles, with seven additional incidents having occurred when compared to May 2022.

“If you are riding a motorcycle, I suggest that you are more cautious, or if you are driving nearby or close to a motorcycle, please do your due diligence and stay away from them,” Moran said.

Officers also referred to the confiscated vehicles shared on the 104 Precinct twitter page, and mentioned that 37 vehicles were removed from neighborhoods during a focused towing operation on May 18 and May 19. NCOS were tasked with removing temporary, fraudulent, and inaccurate plates.

Among the updates on traffic safety were questions and concerns from the public.

Ridgewood resident John Maier shared concerns over an excessive number of cars making U-turns on Fresh Pond Road and Myrtle Avenue. He also asked officers to enforce no blocking the box rules, especially on Myrtle Ave at 62nd street northbound.

Christina Wilkinson, secretary of the Juniper Park Civic Association and a longtime resident, also shared safety concerns, including at the intersection on 60th Lane and Elliot Avenue. She reported a frequency in cars parking too close to the intersection, where it becomes a blind spot for drivers and a danger to pedestrians trying to cross the street.

Other residents in attendance shared concerns with officers over freight trucks taking up parking spaces near Frank Principe Park, in Maspeth, along Maurice Avenue and Borden Avenue. Another resident spoke of commercial vehicles often speeding, running red lights, and idling near I.S.77, on 976 Seneca Ave.

Moran ended the meeting by introducing the new Traffic Sgt. Jose Cea, who is taking over the role of Sgt. Baker, who is out on maternity leave. The next traffic safety meeting is expected to be held during the next quarter this year.