Police seize unlicensed semi-automatic rifle during domestic dispute in Ridgewood

Patrol officers out of the 104th Precinct in Ridgewood answering a domestic dispute call discovered a loaded semi-automatic rifle while making an arrest.
Photo courtesy of the NYPD

In addition to an increase in seizures of illegal motorcycles and ATVs and constant vigilance against catalytic converter thieves in recent weeks, police from the 104th Precinct in Ridgewood also had some unique collars.

Patrol officers investigating a domestic dispute in the neighborhood on May 3 arrested a man who was in possession of an unlicensed loaded semi-automatic rifle with an extended ammunition feeding device, a flash suppressor and a bayonet, according to authorities. The weapon was confiscated as evidence and the perp was cuffed. Police could not immediately provide further details of the incident.

Meanwhile, on the morning of Friday, April 28, eagle-eyed cops from the 104th Precinct overnight shift observed a would-be burglar who was trying to break into a Myrtle Avenue store.

The suspect allegedly used a hammer and a battery-powered DeWalt FlexVolt saw to remove the Master padlock off the roll-down security gate protecting the storefront.

The suspect was taken into custody and his tools of the trade are in the 104th’s evidence room, police said.