JFK Airport Asylum seekers continue their journey. NYC provides subway shuttle to A Train

NYC has initiated a subway shuttle service transporting asylum seekers at JFK Airport to the A train at Aqueduct Raceway stop. The bus picks up those interested or who need to get to Brooklyn or Manhattan for either work or to get support services. This is an express bus taking about 7 minutes to make the trip which occurs about 7 times a day. Source says these people are required to return back to the housing facility by midnight.This service by the City addresses the concern that any of the temporary residents have been seen wandering around the cargo side of the airport with no real purpose or knowledge of the area. At this point there are less than100 people, but this is expected to swell to over a 1000 within a few weeks. Despite visible security service by the PAPD and JFK airport, many are concerned that some of these people may find their way into trouble for one reason or another. Added to this is the factor of language-most don’t speak English well enough to communicate and this could present frustration when they are trying to get information from subway riders. More detailed questions have been asked, and unanswered, from the Office of the Mayor, as to the scope of these facilities, treatment of refugees or plans for integration.