Check out photo exhibits at Queens parks this summer

To Queens, With Love exhibit seen in Astoria Park.
Photo by Julia Moro

During the summer months, park-goers can marvel at four photo exhibits across Queens that honor public health workers, Venezuelan neighborhoods, ancestral ties and, of course, the great borough of Queens.

In Frank D. O’Connor Playground, at 79-01 Broadway, Unsung Heroes of Public Health reframes the narrative of public health, by spotlighting individuals and organizations that made significant contributions to public health milestones in New York City. This work, presented by NYC Department of Health and produced by Photoville, features the work of Kay Hickman, Kevin J. Miyazaki and Ayesha Kazim.

Through Our Eyes: A Collective Portrait of Caracas showcases the work of young women participating in Project MiRA. At Travers Park in Jackson Heights, this collaboration uses formal portraits and single documentary images to showcase the resilience, joy and struggle in the neighborhoods of Caracas, Venezuela. The exhibit is presented by Project MiRA and Photoville, in partnership with PhotoWings.

Laila Annmarie Stevens was inspired by her own ancestral remembrance when making the Clayton Sisterhood ProjectStevens’ exhibit explores kinship and legacy built by the photographer’s sisters and nieces from Queens and Clayton, North Carolina. The collection is featured at Roy Wilkins Park in Jamaica, presented by Queens Museum and Photoville.

The Clayton Sisterhood Project in Jamaica.Photo by Keavy Handley Byrne

Last, but certainly not least, Salvador Espinoza, Anthoula Lelekidis, and Julie Thompson showcase their work, To Queens, With Love, in Astoria Park. This exhibit showcases the history, tradition, and stories of Queens. These three lens-based artists explore personal histories and memories, the impacts of gentrification, and the unique, diverse neighborhoods of the borough. This exhibit, on 19th Street and 23rd Terrace, was curated by Julie Thompson and presented by Photoville.

To Queens, With Love seen in Astoria Park.Photo by Julie Thompson

Photoville is a New York-based non-profit organization that promotes photography and visual storytelling by producing free annual festivals and exhibits.

Photoville exhibits were made possible with the support of NYC Parks.

“Our greenspaces are essential to New Yorkers, and our public art serves to enhance the park experience for parkgoers,” read a statement from NYC Parks. “We remain committed to bringing public art to the city’s greenspaces, and we’re proud to partner with Photoville on this latest exhibition.”