Addabbo helps to bring flag back to historic clock tower on Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park

The clock tower at 92-10 Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park, now known as the MediSys Clocktower, has undergone essential maintenance to enable the flag to wave proudly atop its mast.
Photo by Anthony Medina

Queens residents who recall when the American flag waved high above the iconic clock tower on Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park can now see the flag at high mast once more thanks to the initiative of Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

The clock tower, known currently as the MediSys Clocktower, located at 92-10 Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park, recently received much-needed repairs to the flag pole — allowing for the flag to fly high at the top of the mast.

Only steps away from the high-traffic retail locations at Clocktower Plaza, including the Stop & Shop, Gamestop and seasonal House of Holiday store, the Clocktower at MediSys, Jamaica Hospital’s annex, is rooted in Queens history.

The remnant of the once-vast Lalance & Grosjean Manufacturing Co., a Woodhaven-based factory dating back to the early 1860s, is the clock tower. Photo by Anthony Medina

At the site of the once robust Lalance & Grosjean Manufacturing Co. — a factory based in what was regarded as Woodhaven in the early 1860s — the clocktower is all that remained when the factories were torn down, according to historical information from the Woodhaven Historic and Cultural Society.

Addabbo began donating flags to the site in 2019 and worked with FDNY Foundation Executive Director Jean O’Shea and Jamaica Hospital Manager Patrick Rudden to facilitate the repairs.

“The FDNY and the FDNY Foundation thank Senator Addabbo and his remarkable staff for their continued support and the ongoing efforts to never forget the sacrifices made by our first responders,” O’Shea said.

A 3/8” rope, stainless steel clips, a new pulley, a gold ball and a pole top adapter were installed as part of the repairs, according to information shared by Addabbo’s office.

“I am proud to have led the effort to bring individuals together in order to restore the flag atop the Clocktower-MediSys building,” Addabbo said. “This flag represents the valor and sacrifice of our brave men and women who served in the Vietnam War. It is a symbol of our gratitude and remembrance. I would like to thank the FDNY Foundation, Susan Wipper, Patrick Rudden and all the community residents and leaders who came together to make this restoration possible. Let us never forget the sacrifices made by our first responders and veterans, honoring them by keeping our flag flying high.”