Victoria’s Secrets: Meeting a fashion icon

Nabys Vielman escorting his model at his last show.

One of the great joys of being in the news business is meeting great people.

When I was notified that I would be honored by The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, my friend Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright suggested I meet her friend, fashion designer Nabys Vielman, who was delighted to dress me for the occasion.

Nabys dress-designed for The Ellen Hermanson Foundation’s Summer Gala. Seen with Jean Shafiroff (l.) and Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright.

When we met it was instant love and respect! 

Like me, Nabys created his design company from his home, similar to how I started the Queens Courier, my first newspaper, in my living room.

Nabys is a Venezuelan fashion designer who began his career in the late 1980s. He later founded his first boutique in Venezuela in the 1990s, and from then on has developed a brand with multiple successful ready to wear collections. 

I was impressed with his creations that are inspired by minimalist concepts and perfectly blend art and fashion. He has created unforgettable “architectural” pieces throughout his career. 

Based on the dress he made for me, Nabys’ fashions are comfortable and sophisticated, with innovative touches. 

I’m so proud of him because he has collaborated with several nonprofit organizations since he arrived five years ago in New York.

Impressively, his collections have been presented during New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week

Earlier this month, Assemblywoman Seawright presented Nabys with a proclamation as the Best Designer of the Year

This past summer, Nabys was awarded the “Designer of the Year” at our Dan’s Out East End Impact Awards event! Well deserved! 

He also received a citation from New York State for his exceptional work in advancing business in the fashion industry.

On Sept. 8, Emilio Estefan and Consuelo Vanderbilt presented their new Spring Summer 2024 Collection during New York Fashion Week at the Latin Ignition event, featuring Nabys’ work. 

His collection is inspired by the Venezuelan sunsets and the Venezuelan national flower, Cattleya orchid. Moreover, dresses are made of crepé of silk, chantilly, silk chiffon, Egyptian cotton and jeans. The collection is embellished by feathers, Swarovski crystals and orchids made of organza.

It was a real treat for me to wear one of his creations!