Cord Meyer, BBA partner to support local businesses

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Cord Meyer Vice President and Bay Terrace Project Lead Joe Forgione recently addressed BBA members to discuss upcoming design changes at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.
Photo courtesy of Cord Meyer

For over six decades, Cord Meyer Development’s Bay Terrace Shopping Center has acted as a hub of economic activity in Bayside, creating jobs, generating tax revenue and providing an ideal location to operate a business.

During the pandemic, when mom and pop shops were particularly hard hit, Cord Meyer met with its tenants to better understand their challenges and identify ways to help. Several expressed a need for marketing assistance, such as creating a website or advertising to the local community.

“We took in the feedback and determined that in addition to financial relief, the best way to offer support would be through a partnership with a local business association,” explained Cord Meyer Vice President and Bay Terrace Project Lead Joe Forgione. “I contacted Ed Probst, the president of the Bayside Business Association, and it’s been a great experience from the start.”

According to Probst, the Bayside Business Association (BBA) works with local tenants on a host of projects, including website development and social media marketing.

“Cord Meyer helps make it all possible by paying first-year BBA membership fees for its new tenants,” said Probst. “It’s an ongoing practice and has made a positive difference for the tenants and the Bayside Business Association. To partner with an organization like Cord Meyer, that is as community driven as we are, is a seamless, natural fit.”

All new BBA members receive a detailed welcome letter outlining services such as professional headshots, or advertising in print and digitally. And if they join before they open their doors, the BBA will facilitate a ribbon-cutting ceremony that allows members to enjoy a proper grand opening in the community.

“One of the most appreciated benefits is access to our networking events,” said BBA Executive Director Alison La Ferlita, who has spearheaded several new initiatives since joining the association in 2021. “Sometimes you don’t get support when you’re the owner of a business. With the BBA, you get to sit down with other business owners and talk about some of your challenges or just exchange different resources.”

While the Bay Terrace Shopping Center recently began a major redevelopment project, for the past several years the Bayside Business Association, which was founded in 1997, has undertaken its own redevelopment to offer more to its members. The BBA rebranded themselves with a new website, added marketing savvy team members, and launched the community’s first “Best of Bayside” contest.

The BBA was also recently selected by American Express as a “neighborhood champion” to participate in Shop Small Saturday on Saturday, Nov. 25. The majority of BBA’s members are participating, including Bay Terrace tenants Avo Taco, Ben’s Deli and Chip City.

Business owners hope to see more patrons come through the doors to take advantage of special promotions.

“It’s something that’s been pretty exciting,” concluded Forgione. “A lot of new tenants have started to get involved in the community and in the Bayside Business Association. What began during the pandemic has grown into a positive relationship for everyone involved.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with Cord Meyer,” Probst added. “They are a staple of the community. Everybody is aware of their initiatives in the community and what they’ve done for Bayside.”

Currently the BBA has 55 members from a range of sectors from dining to construction, as well as banks and insurance companies. The BBA is bringing on new members every month and five years down the line hopes to have every business in Bayside part of its network.

To become a member and see what the Bayside Business Association offers you, visit baysideassociation.com or call 718-229-2277. More information on Cord Meyer Development can be found at cordmeyer.com.