Ozone Park pharmacist recognized with award by CVS Health for her commitment

Photo courtesy of CVS Pharmacy

A distinguished Ozone Park CVS pharmacist was honored with CVS Health’s Retail Paragon Award, making her one of six pharmacist recipients nationwide. Ashley Raghubir, Pharmacy RX Manager, has been recognized with this esteemed award for her outstanding commitment to company values, patient care and collaboration with colleagues.

Every October, for American Pharmacist Month and in part of the company’s National Customer Service Week activities, CVS Health, a leading health solutions company, presents the highly esteemed award to individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication and skills in delivering pharmacy services to their communities.

This prestigious award is determined by nominees’ supervisors and, eventually, the CVS Health senior leaders who seek the role models of the company who exhibit the ability to make substantial contributions to their communities and deliver remarkable business results.

Since joining the CVS Pharmacy team in 2014, Raghubir has played a key role in organizing an annual public immunization clinic to promote community vaccination, support community health and ensure that patients receive vital preventive vaccines, including those for shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, as well as the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella.

“Ashley makes managing the busiest pharmacy in our district look easy, ”CVS Pharmacy District Leader George Soulos said. “She provides outstanding service to her patients, ensuring that their medication needs are taken care of and answering any questions they may have.”

Raghubir’s commitment extends not only to her patients but also to her team. She works to assist and guarantee that her colleagues are well-trained and equipped to perform their roles efficiently with the right tools and resources. She coaches and guides her pharmacy team in all areas, emphasizing the importance of purpose and service during every shift. 

“Ashley is a true leader who inspires her team daily and is known for putting people first,” Soulos said.