After a couple of years of major citywide advocacy by one organization and several years of policy by another organization, Fair Fares becomes a reality. I'm so proud.

Congratulations to all of the selectees, especially the Aviation HS grads! Aviation High School 1978-US Navy 1978-1995

You can use a rain barrel to help cut your municipal water usage by 80% and save hundreds of $$$ per year. For details Google "Oppose Bracebridge Sewers" for the website.

Not all critical projects are over budget to say the least for the MTA.

Everything MTA does is over budget. Let's see if there is a signal problem

When does Ridgewood has its own zipcode

I can't believe it how much has quickly changed since the Q52/Q53 SBS rolls around: More congestion, less local business, etc.

In the era of Trump, that is not going to happen in our own lifetime.

Such everyday bureaucracy by this particular railroad and I'm not surprised there.

There are limits how far this dangerous situation should continue until there is a fatality involved because of fire created by this deathtrap. No amount of violations will influence the landlord to dispose of this horrific dumping ground while a tenant living above. A court order warrant must be issued allowing access to both the Sanitation and Fire Depts., entrance to the building and disposing of the trash. The Fire Dept. will investigate all violations within the building and, declaring it safe for the tenant living above. Finally, the tenant must open a trust account to deposit all the monthly fees and prevent the landlord from receiving any of the payments until all violations, disposal fees and inspections are completely paid. Either way, it must be implemented very soon as it is not only the safety of the tenant but the surrounding buildings who are also affected.

Why blame Sanitation. Why not blame the people who walk around there. We are human, not animals. They should have courtesy to keep the sidewalk clean.

Politicians should be sworn in to serve the citizens not to join either Democrat or Republican. They shouldn't use their party association in order to get elected just because they are Democrat or Republican.

Kicking the can down the road by not helping the MTA year again.

SHOOTING 4 AUTISM 10K HALF-COURT SHOOTOUT CHALLENGE Saturday, April 29th at Middle Village Playground Call 718-440-9863 for more info [bpfb_images] 54805_0-44404900-1491704262_10k-shootout.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Join Play4Autism for an evening of spreading awareness & laughter on Saturday, April 22nd at Pat\'s Sports Bar in Middle Village. For more info call 718-44-9863 [bpfb_images] 54805_0-96162900-1491704048_comedy-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Join Play4Autism and the staff at Shake Shack for a fun-filled hour of Arts & Crafts with a side of breakfast this Sunday, March 13th from 9 to 10am at the Queens Center Mall. This is a free event for all Kidz into Action members. Call 718-440-9863 to reserve your spot(s) today! [bpfb_images] 54805_0-08042100-1457711918_arts-_-crafts-flyer-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

I live in Glendale on 66th Street and Myrtle Ave. I work in Glendale, at Coldwell Banker Kueber located on 67th Street and Myrtle Avenue. I\'m originally from Williamsburg Brooklyn, and lived there before the gentrification occurred. We used to have the small business, friendly neighbor feel back in the days. Today if you are in your early 20\'s to mid-30\'s, that is the neighborhood to be in. I still go to church at least once a month in Williamsburg Brooklyn and two of my children still go to school there, but I will admit though that I am very happy to be raising my children in Glendale, Queens. This is a community where people get to know you, and where the small business, neighborhood feel still exists. I love it here. I feel safe letting my kids go play basketball with their friends at the Glendale Playground on Central Ave between 70th and 71st Street (aka Central Park to the local kids). I don\'t worry when they go to The Shops at Atlas Park to catch a movie with their friends. I love eating at Zum\'s, the Avenue, Edison Place, Pisa Pizza, the New York Grill, or picking up a sandwich from Stop One on 66th Place and Myrtle. I love that I can walk into just about any business here and be greeted by my first name. I\'m also a board member of the Glendale Kiwanis, so I\'ve gotten to know a lot of the people responsible for the behind-the-scenes decisions that keep our community events going (the Halloween Parade on Myrtle Ave, the Christmas Tree lighting by Zum Stammtisch, the Veterans Day and Memorial Day events, the Glendale Kiwanis Scholarship event, Community Day at The Shops at Atlas Park, the Bell Ringing at Stop and Shop, etc.). Because of how involved the community is, my real estate office is an official drop off site for Toys-for-Tots, food to support the local pantries, and the unofficial hangout for all the local business owners who visit us to share thoughts, concerns and ideas over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. This is a great place to be and I\'m glad my 7 Rosario children get to experience this first hand. Come visit me sometime. My office is located at 67-13 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale NY. No appointment needed. You can also reach me on my cell phone at 917-945-4211 any time. [George L. Rosario, Real Estate Salesperson at Coldwell Banker Kueber, the Rosario Shalomayev Team / Glendale Resident / / #glrosario #rosarioshalomayevteam] [bpfb_images] 35464_0-69843200-1456407385_img_20130221_050227.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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