Kew Gardens

Community activism prevails in a David vs Goliath style.

For a quiet, hidden little place right on the water in Whitestone try Due Ponte located on 10th Ave/Powells Cove Blvd.. Dining on the back deck w/ a great view. Service a little slow, but food very good.

The bridge that the MTA needs to do is going down.

Select Bus Service: More like Select BS against the Queens Drivers. A catch-22, which is good for Straphangers and bad for drivers.

Most of them don't have licenses

Wake up people!!! They're pulling a fast one on us. Queens Detention Center in Kew Gardens was a men's facility. It was a small one, that could hold around 300. Where are the rest of the prisoners going to go? Are they going to cram 3,000 into a jail that fits 300? or are they going to just turn the extra away and let them lose on the street along with the rest of the public? Is it fair to Kew Gardens that they become the new Rikers? Do female prisoners have to intermingle with the male prisoners? Kew Gardens is right next to Forest Hills, and other powerful communities, are they going to be happy with a Queens Riker's right around the corner? Are they going to let this stupid plan fly? Why is Staten Island exempt from housing prisoners? How crazy is this plan. Elizabeth Crowley, Karen Koslowitz, stop trying to snow ball your voters. If re-elected both are going to be lame duck city council women. They will not have to answer to their community wishes. They'll do what is in their own best interests...or is it interests of the Riker Island developers??

Come explore and support Church of Resurrection\'s Annual Parish Fair our theme this year is Under the Sea! We\'ll have a delicious homemade baked goods,antiques & collectibles, Christmas items, jewelry, books,treasures, gift boutique,raffles and snack bar and more! Our Famous Dinner served 5:30-7:30pm $15 includes drinks and dessert [bpfb_images] 56187_0-25171900-1477871767_flyer.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Come to Church of Resurrection\'s book sale and browse through for wondrous reads! Today from Noon to 4pm and tomorrow noon to 3pm at 8509 118 street or enter the Lefferts Blvd entrance and walk to the front. Come and support this historic 142 year old institution in our community! [bpfb_images] 56054_0-49589400-1475326322_books.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Come with any pet and have them blessed at the historic Church of the Resurrection in Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill from 11am to 12pm! [bpfb_images] 56054_0-24798100-1475326000_bless.jpg [/bpfb_images]

LGM! [bpfb_images] 35652_0-51032100-1445973409_image.jpeg [/bpfb_images]

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